Building the Adaptive Organization

An Adaptive Organization is an engine of continuous learning, hyper aware of shifting market opportunities and challenges, highly efficient at incorporating experience and integrating change into evolving strategies for sustained competitive advantage.

Every element of our suite of services is designed to contribute to the development of an Adaptive Organization.

Adaptive Leadership
The ability to challenge beliefs and habits of behavior to tackle difficult challengesl
High Altitude Mindset
Mindset is foundational to all organizational performance and unity. Today’s challenging environment requires a new approach that increases awareness, preparedness and effectiveness.

Strategic Agility
Adaptive Organizations have strategic agility. Greater knowledge, insight and organizational preparedness takes your strategy to the adaptive next level
Value Based Teaming
More effective team development which promotes discretionary effort is essential in high stress situations, where optimal performance is required.

Broader Asset Perspective

Broaden your perspective, identify and leverage the hidden value drivers in your organization..

Performance Optimization
Delivering results means overcoming organizational hurdles and executing effectively. Translating core strengths into solid ‘operational’ values define the new standards as the ‘way we do things around here’.


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Capability Building Programs: Learning to Lead in the Age of Volatility

Our Performance Building Programs are offered in a series of modules that build the key competencies
we’re calling Adaptive Capabilities:

    1.  Full Day Working Seminars, where we work with your team to build knowledge of adaptive capabilities, applying them immediately to a current business challenge or opportunity.

    2.  Three Day Foundational Workshops, where we begin working through issues in depth, assisting your team in applying the adaptive capabilities to scoping problems and designing solutions.

    3.  Integration Programs: longer term engagements to integrate all the core Adaptive Capabilities into your whole organization, which will equip you to face the turbulence and uncertainty of the Age of Volatility.
Consulting & Coaching: Two Approaches to Performance Optimization
At Heroic Hearts we draw a clear distinction between coaching and consulting:

        • Coaching is aimed at achieving superior results by removing human impediments to performance, unleashing
           peoples’potential to reach meaningful and important objectives.

        • Consulting utilizes our knowledge and insight to drive optimal solutions. You develop a broader asset perspective,
          greater strategic agility and the organizational capability to execute effectively in difficult circumstances.

        • Both coaching and consulting are available in a wide range of service packages, focused on individuals,
          top teams, executive level management or the organization as a whole.

Assessments: Every Journey Begins in the Present Reality
Our assessment and analytical tools are valued by our clients for clearly defining their present reality. We design an appropriate set of tools and metrics that base line the organization, focusing on leadership, management capability, organization mindset, operating parameters, brand awareness and customer equity.  

Executive Coaching

Who Are You? What Do You Need to Do? How Are You Going to Do it?

What is Coaching?
“Leadership, whether in life or in work, requires awareness, conscious choice and deliberate action combined with competent delivery. Coaching is a vehicle through which to achieve the personal and professional goals one has set for oneself.”
Dorothy Siminovitch, Phd, MCC (ICF Master Certified Coach)

Heroic Hearts’ Coaching model speaks to the levels and depth of the Coaching engagement.
• Determines how deep the coaching conversation might go.
• Moves from the behavioral level to root causes (life experiences not known or understood.)

Heroic Hearts’ coaching practice is built on examining and understanding these less visible behaviors as a way of appreciating how, in the coachee’s understanding of and orientation to the world, the behavior makes logical sense

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Value-Based Teaming

Heroic Hearts TeamForceTM Programs

Force = Mass x Acceleration
TeamForceTM = Values alignment x commitment to outcome

In response to today's volatile business environment, being a good team is no longer enough; in the New Normal, great teamwork is obligatory.

The New Normal for business is increasing demands on leadership; requires a much broader perspective, better planning capability and the flexibility that only comes from high performance value-based teaming.

The stresses and strains of today's business environment will quickly expose weaknesses in conventional teams; only deeply-rooted alignment on crystal clear values will empower the commitment necessary to perform at the highest level.

Value Based Teaming: a teaming concept that goes beyond the traditional corporate approach, specifically identifying those explicit operational values that sustain team focus and unity in adversity.

The heart of the High Altitude Organization is our Heroic Hearts Value-Based Teaming model:
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Heroic Hearts TeamForceTM programs respond to real-life questions:

  • What does it take to create an effective team?
  • What are the special ingredients of high-performing teams?
  • How can an underperforming team elevate its effectiveness?
  • How do you ensure newly formed teams will be highly effective, quickly?
  • How do you build the communication and cooperation skills necessary for swift effective action?
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Adaptive Strategy Development

"There is a relentless gravitational pull towards the tactical. Today’s leaders must constantly make the conscious choice to raise their attention to the strategic." - Robert McGarvey

Creating a Adaptive Organization

Success today demands more than the 'right' strategy, it requires a Adaptive Organization, one that can respond in real time to sudden changes in the business environment. Adaptive Strategy Development is founded upon the belief that normal strategy development processes need to be augmented by additional elements, including a 'high altitude' mind set, much better teaming capabilities and heightened awareness of the broad set of trends and forces impacting the business world today. Heroic Hearts provides a 'bolt on' solution, a set of complementary strategy development programs that supercharge your planning process, helping your organization become the best it can be, a truly strategic force in the market place.

What does the Heroic Hearts team bring to the strategic planning table?

Heroic Hearts understands the underlying sources of volatility. We also have the insight and tools for management teams to deal effectively with this New Normal.

Heroic Hearts uses its unique skill-sets and perspective to baseline your organization, and to help you more accurately predict future developments, related risks, dangers and opportunities.

Heroic Hearts Adaptive Strategy Development complements existing strategy processes adding additional capability to planning and risk management portfolios.

We marry the knowledge and experience of your leadership team with our unique understanding and insight to create the strategy framework for a High Altitude Organization.

Adaptive Strategy Development

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We help you establish a healthier management/leadership balance, by providing a disciplined process that allows you to reclaim the strategic high ground upon which true leadership rests.

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