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Foundational Assumption 1: We have entered an Age of Volatility.

The world of business is increasingly a world of surprise and uncertainty. Business leaders in the past few decades became accustomed to incremental change. It is our belief that we have now entered an Age of Volatility that will confront business leaders with disruptive change, where the ground shifts unexpectedly under their feet and the compass swings with startling suddenness.

We will continue to face financial instability, rapid social and technological change, commodity prices will continue to swing, new and different global players will emerge and market opportunities will open and close rapidly and unexpectedly.

For a thorough overview and current updates on the Age of Volatility, visit Robert McGarvey’s blog:
» www.ageofvolatility.com

Foundational Assumption 2:
For business leaders, this is the New Normal

The fact of the Age of Volatility means business will not be returning to “normal” any time soon -- there is now a new normal for business practices, leadership, planning and management that will challenge our skills to the limit. First and foremost, this means

Be Prepared: Expect the Unexpected.

Start by becoming versed in how the rules of the game have changed; learn how to identify and optimize the many hidden sources of value in your organization. Realize that volatility is not necessarily a bad thing – it presents opportunities for those who are nimble enough to grasp them. The object is to gain the insight and confidence you need to direct your organization through this economy’s ‘perfect storm.’

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