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Large scale strategic forces are impacting the commercial environment, changing the rules of the game significantly. Without a constant and pervasive commitment to strategy your sustainability as an organization is in jeopardy. – Robert McGarvey

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Leaders today are facing tougher choices and asking new questions:

        • With so much needing to be done, how do I find the time to be strategic?
        • When this recession is over, will things return to normal?
        • With so much uncertainty, how to we establish a solid direction for our organization?
        • Is the team ready to go, do they really understand the ways in which value will be created and delivered in the future?
        • Do we have the knowledge and skill to anticipate change and maintain profitability even in periods of disruption?
        • Is our team tough enough mentally to meet the challenges ahead?

We all hope and expect that the world will recover somewhat, return to normal.
What we do know for sure is that there will be no returning to business-as-usual.

Most senior managers will tell you they’d love to focus on the big picture, if only they could afford the time: “we’re maxed out as it is”. And in almost every case, this is true; managers who should be leading are busy firefighting, buried under time consuming tactical issues. However if your organization is going to make the leap to higher performance delivering better results you’ll need the insight and tools to lead more effectively. We help you break the cycle, establish a healthier management/leadership balance, by providing a disciplined process that allows you to reclaim the strategic high ground upon which true leadership rests.

Unassailable Market Realities

Newer, non-traditional earnings sources are dominating our economy today. These new assets classes are not marginal to business today, as many imagine. They generate over 300% more market value than traditional tangible assets, which means all companies must now get in the game to manage these assets strategically.

Geopolitical and global financial market volatility are here to stay – global competition will intensify, and those companies who are re-thinking strategy, culture and organizational development issues to get out ahead of this reality will be the biggest winners.

The Gathering Storm

Storm clouds are gathering, just beyond the horizon. Whether it’s new competitive forces unleashed by the BRIC’s, the world’s rapidly transforming asset foundations, the unraveling of the global trading regime or fault lines running through the global financial system, powerful external forces will impact business over the next three to five years, and will continue to shape the strategic landscape for decades to come.

        • What kinds of new knowledge, attitudes and processes must be put in place to deliver a truly Adaptive Organization, with
          with a sustainable future in this more volatile environment?

        • The limitations of traditional financial management are becoming obvious, what new inputs, perspectives and metrics are going to           be needed to improve decision making to meet these challenges?

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