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A Keynote by Robert McGarvey

Do you find yourself questioning perceived wisdoms?

         • Has it struck you recently that “Ambiguity is not as clear as it used to be”, are the disruptions we’re experiencing today really
           unpredictable, simply 100 year floods as the experts are telling us?

         • Have you ever wondered why nobody saw the financial crisis coming, when in hindsight it seems obvious?

         • Have you ever asked yourself: As a leader, where’s the North Star I can use to navigate through this economic turbulence?

For answers to these and other questions invest an hour and a half with a specialist who actually did predict the volatility of 2008. Robert McGarvey’s Keynote presentation, Undressing Capitalism, draws on two decades of research in global trends and helps to place our present volatility in historical context. Robert weaves a narrative of personal stories and insights from the front lines of economic volatility. His valuable insights have enabled some of the biggest M&A deals in North America and could make the difference for you and your company.

Learn some hard truths about the modern world:

The cold reality is this, over the past sixty years we’ve become complacent and our focus of managerial attention has narrowed to the point that today we simply don’t see the world as it is, are unaware – even now - of the storm clouds massing over the horizon.

As Western capitalism has evolved over the ages it has undergone a series of changes in state, phase changes in the same way that ice becomes water and eventually steam.

The crisis we’re facing today is much more than a conventional business cycle. The events of the past two years represent a cataclysmic change in our commercial environment, and they are only the beginning.

This Keynote will introduce you to what’s really changed and why; help prepare your organization to face this new reality head on. 

What are the benefits of this Keynote
  1. Awareness of the Age of Volatility: you will come away with a much better understanding of forces impacting your business          and what to do about them.

  2. Understand the new normal for business: you’ll gain clarity around the new Touchstones required to operate successfully          today and how they differ from the past.

  3. Greater confidence: get ahead of the curve, strengthen your leadership

  4. Appreciate the value of a truly strategic organization, an organization fully equipped to respond in real time to the challenges businesses are facing today.

Undressing Capitalism is the title of a soon to be published book by Mr. McGarvey, revealing new insights into market capitalism that will place the events of the past decade into context, and point with historical insight toward the continuing evolution of the capitalist system.