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An Executive Briefing for Business Leaders

The world has changed; the disruptions we’re facing today are much more than a conventional economic cycle. The reality is we’re in the middle of one of history’s most challenging periods of transition, without the navigational tools we need to lead the way through.

The environment is abnormal, more complex and demanding. It’s no longer sufficient to simply have a strategy; to win in this ‘high altitude zone’ for business you need to develop a truly strategic organization.

Contact us today for a free introductory executive briefing: we’ll share with you two decades of insight gained analyzing global trends and strengthening business leaders in many different industries around the world. We’ll challenge conventional assumptions, highlighting the importance of facing this new reality for business head on, developing a mental perspective as big as the problem.

Attendees of our Navigating the Age of Volatility briefing will:
        • Discuss what has changed in today’s business climate
        • Learn about the Age of Volatility
        • Examine how this new reality is changing the rules for business, creating a new normal
        • Discover what needs to be done to meet these unprecedented challenges, what it all means for leadership today
        • Encounter essential leadership competencies for the new normal

Executives will take back practical insights on how to:
        • Develop strategies to get out in front of change, staying ahead of the wave
        • Identify many of the new, often ‘hidden’, value drivers in your organizations
        • Incorporate a High Altitude Mindset, and build more resilient Value-based teams
        • Practical steps you need to take to become a strategic organization, one that can meet the challenges of disruptive
          change and consistently meet its goals


Jim Elzinga brings his 20 plus years of experience in executive leadership coaching,
team development and organizational consulting to the forefront in his innovative High
Altitude Mindset for success in turbulent times.

Robert McGarvey’s lifetime of dedicated study of global economic trends and his
hand’s-on experience in international business have made him a pragmatic visionary
for volatile times. For more on the Age of Volatility, see Robert McGarvey’s blog at:
» www.ageofvolatility.com

Sample Agenda

Registration and Breakfast
8:00-8:30 am

Presentation and Discussion
8:30-10:30 am

Let’s discuss it!
Please contact Jim Elzinga at
or (416) 219-6551


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