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Five Distinct Programs

Heroic Hearts uses a consultative approach to research your organization’s culture, learning objectives, goals, mission, vision, and intended outcomes. We then partner with you to create a program unique to your organization. We have over 20 years of experience delivering customized programs around the world.

In determining the work, we use the following Collaborative Process

        Step 1: Needs Assessment: online survey instruments, one on one Interviews,etc.
        Step 2: Proposal on how we’ll meet your goals,
        Step 3: Design process (may involve creating new material, activities, etc.)
        Step 4: Review Draft process with client and invite feedback,
        Step 5: Test program pilot Evaluate pilot and re-design if necessary
        Step 6: Program Delivery
        Step 7: Evaluation and follow-up

Fast Track Program

Team Formation for building high performance teams quickly

The promise of this program is to rapidly move newly formed teams and teams that are in chaos to achieving the “real work” of the team. Fast Track Team Forming encompasses the use of many tools. These tools include indoor and outdoor experiential learning action learning, theory bursts, and exploration of individual and group thinking - beliefs and assumptions - to equip teams to accomplish critical tasks. With this system, the team's purpose and goals are sharpened, team members’ roles and responsibilities are clearly understood, the norms and work processes required for tasks are agreed upon. Decision making and work division are established. A system of open communication is developed and an outline of the work to achieve the goals is set.

        • Quickly build High Performing teams
        • Build common ground and engage people in defining and shaping the purpose of the team
        • Relationship Building: Develop trust and form positive connections between team members
        • Skill Building: Problem Solving, Decision Making, Conflict Resolution and Team Process
        • Establish communication channels
        • Experience a touchstone event - an exciting highly charged team-based experience that will provide an anchor for
          the team over an extended period of time

Time Commitment: 3 days

Ideal Group: Newly formed teams or teams that need a restart.

Revitalizing Teams

Another area of specialization is working with under performing teams. Instead of relying on assumptions, Heroic Hearts starts with the current reality of the team and the specific culture and competitive pressures facing it. Often, the results teams achieve emerge from powerful assumptions and mental models hidden below the surface. Using Team Diagnostic, the Heroic Hearts process isolates significant leverage points and inconsistencies within under-performing teams and uses the appropriate solutions and concepts to address these difficulties. Program design is customized based on need.

        • Boost team performance to High Performance
        • Motivate teams and individuals to take responsibility for making things happen
        • Relationship Building: Develop trust and form positive connections between team members
        • Skill Building: Problem Solving, Decision Making, Conflict Resolution and Team Process
Practice change behaviors in an "experiential micro-world"
        • Experience a “Touchstone Event” - an exciting highly charged team-based experience that will provide an anchor for the team

Time Commitment: 2-3 days

Ideal Groups:
        • Underperforming Teams
        • Teams that want to become High Performing
        • Teams that are in conflict

Communication and Cooperation Programs for Teams

Regardless of the specific nature of a team, communication and cooperation are crucial to overall success. When communication breaks down, relationships can become bogged down in conflict, limiting the performance of the team. Heroic Hearts works with teams to identify the positive and negative aspects of their performance. After discussing the performance situation, teams establish performance expectations and goals, and agree on the commitments required in meeting them.


        • Build a more collaborative culture
        • Bridge Performance Gaps
        • Relationship building between internal and or external teams
        • Communication and teamwork skills development
        • Develop individual and team(s) mutual accountability
        • Experience a “touchstone event ”- an exciting, highly charged team-based experience that will provide an anchor
          for the team over an extended period of time

Time Commitment: 1-3 days based on specific objectives.

Ideal Groups: Intact teams
        • Cross Functional Teams
        • Internal and External Teams that must collaborate

Leadership Team Development Program

Leadership teams have a specific task-to provide leadership to the organization. In this program we examine what this means using the Three Arenas of Leadership© as a framework.

The Three Arenas of Leadership© are:

        1. Being a Leader
        2. The Core Task of the Leader – Enlisting others
        3. Leader as Facilitator of Learning

An important aspect of developing as a high performing team is to be versed in the roles and accountability of leadership.
In working with a Leadership Team, Heroic Hearts facilitators, in addition to developing a high performing leadership team, also work on the role and accountability of leadership. This is when the team and individual members get clear on who they are being as a leader, understand the distinction between enlisting others and “telling” or “selling” others, and understand how to ensure that learning is occurring in the organization.

The task of Leadership is an open ended one; especially in these times of continuing new opportunities and threats to our businesses. In Leadership work it is essential to look at what the Leadership Team does when things change suddenly. It is at times like these that the organization looks for clear direction and the role of the Leadership Team are different than when things are proceeding without a hitch.

        • Establish a more powerful leadership team, its role and understand the accountability of leadership that comes with it.
        • Learn a powerful research-based model of leadership
        • Understand the difference between transactional and transformational leadership styles and how they affect bottom line results
        • Learn a key leadership competency-Enlisting: How to get people into action
        • Increase the effectiveness of each leadership team member in their respective functional areas
        • Experience a “touchstone event ” -- an exciting highly charged team-based experience that will provide a lasting anchor
          for the team over an extended period of time
        • Adventure Based Teambuilding

Time Commitment: 2-3 days based on need

Ideal Groups: Leadership teams

Adventure Based Teambuilding - Heroic Hearts Rescue Simulation:

This program is designed for teams that must move quickly from chaos to high performing and often is part of our longer team development programs. This program places special emphasis on group process.

The event begins with a presentation of the seven-step process of Fast Track Team Formation in order to equip teams to accomplish a critical task. With this system, the team's task is sharply defined, the right members are selected, the norms and processes required for tasks are elaborated, goals, roles and work division are established, a system of open communication is agreed upon and an outline of the work to achieve the goals is set. This model can be applied to any type of team task, whether at work or in an outdoor activity.

With this background set, the group is presented with an emotionally charged team challenge: a member of the team is injured and must be transported over a distance to safety. Between the group and safety is a vertical cliff face. The injured victim and two attendants must be lowered down this cliff face. All participants have the opportunity to rappel down the cliff face.

The participants are given a course in basic rope skills, and then tackle the demanding challenge as a team. Heroic Hearts’ skilled team is on hand to ensure safety and provide informed feedback as the exercise unfolds.

The group has a vivid, coherent and exhilarating experience of working effectively as a team.
          They have:

        • Learned the importance of group process
        • Relationship and trust building: form positive connection between all team members through a shared experience
        • Learned to identify team behaviors and how to respond effectively
        • Learned to value trust and distinguish between trust as an act of will as opposed to trust earned
        • Learned the importance of clear roles and responsibilities
        • Identify and leverage personal contribution to team effectiveness
        • Expanded individual comfort zones and attitudes to risk
        • Facilitators lead discussions both during and after the exercise so that the team can recognize its strengths
          and seize immediate opportunities to improve.

Time Commitment: 1-2 days based on need

Ideal Groups: Teams of all types