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The world has changed

The world will continue to change

We understand how the world is changing and what to do about it

Heroic Hearts is a veteran team; we have the experience and unique insights to help you meet the new challenges that are emerging in today's volatile economy.

Our team’s breadth and depth of experience informs our portfolio of unique proprietary processes that are clear, focused and real-world tested.

We look at your business through a different lens – because we operate from significantly different foundational  assumptions.
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We help you meet the new reality head on

There is a New Normal for business today. Increasingly, new types of risk and disruptive forces of change are erupting across the business landscape with the abruptness of a devastating avalanche.

Heroic Hearts helps you build a truly ADAPTIVE ORGANIZATION, one that’s ready to meet these new challenges. An adaptive organization is deliberately designed for STRATEGIC SUSTAINABILITY, which builds resilience into your business’s financial performance, growth models, customer, employee and investor relationships as well as your relationship with the public at large.

Why Work with the Heroic Hearts Team?

        • Very few conventional consultants or analysts understand this new reality

        • WE DO, and we know what is required to sustain your organization through more frequent periods of
          volatility and disruptive change brought on by this complexity.

Why take action now?

The roller coaster-like volatility of the past few years is not a 100-year flood. In fact the Crisis of 08 was only a warm-up; bigger and more disruptive crises are coming and soon. Ultimately the business environment is complex, a tangle of interdependent threads operating at multiple levels. We help you identify the essential elements of your organization’s winning formula and then shift your mind set, migrating your success strategy to meet the demands of the new and more disruptive normal for business today.

Specifically you’ll need to insulate your organization in the following ways;

Prepare your Leadership: Going forward the environment is much more challenging; “Adaptive leadership is the practice of mobilizing people to tackle these kinds of tough challenges and thrive.”
- Heifetz, Grashow, Linsky, The Practice of Adaptive Leadership

Prepare your Team: Put your team in order; prepare them for vastly increased levels of stress. This can be accomplished by greater planning and anticipation but there is a need to strengthen key relationships through explicit value based teaming. This will build a stronger foundation for your organization.

Identify Key Value Drivers: leaders need to start identifying the real value drivers in their organization and start directing their organizations from these sources of value, not merely from the numbers. A more complete and balanced perspective on organizational assets and decision-making inputs will be vital to organizational survival in future.

Get Ahead of the Volatility: we all need to be more aware that the kinds of disruptive changes that are about to break across the business landscape in the next few years will emerge from beyond the horizon, outside traditional analytical perspectives. Forewarned is forearmed. And, it is important to remember that volatility is not necessarily a bad thing; it’s only really dangerous for the unprepared.

Let's Discuss it!

There’s an old saying in the climbing world that it’s ‘Summit or Plummet’. This stark reality is chillingly appropriate for businesses today. Heroic Heart's suite of ‘High Altitude’ services are designed to prepare your organization to win in situations where many falter and fail. Taken together these fully customized programs dramatically improve overall leadership skill and capabilities as well as creating a more effective and Adaptive Organization.

Please feel free to contact me with any questions, or to set up a meeting.
I will be happy to speak with you and explore the possibilities.

Jim Elzinga
direct 416.219.6551, office 416.628.8007

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